[Count of R_Receiveddate] and the row label you want is [Items]. We use the reference to specify t… [Count of R_RECEIVEDDATE]",'Pivot Tables'!$A$31,"row label", "specific label"). Bottom Line: Learn how to apply conditional formatting to pivot tables so that the formats are dynamically reapplied as the pivot table is changed, filtered, or updated. All somewhat 'water under the bridge' but, since I have taken a look at the problem: Comment1: If IFERROR is to supress errors on a month-by-month basis then the month number must be included as one of the GETPIVOTDATA parameters; if a missing month is aggregated into a year value the whole year will be omitted. The GETPIVOTDATA function returns data stored in the given pivot table. =GETPIVOTDATA( 'May Table'!A1, "SICK " & S20). Whatever I have shown now is the basic stuff of Calculated Field. Visit the Learning Center. 8. Quick ? Before explaining, the syntax one by one let us looks into the simple example. When you type an “=” in a cell then select a cell in a pivottable, a GETPIVOTDATA function is automatically entered in the formula. Figure 1. To extract data from a cell in a pivot table, you can enter a normal cell link, such as =B5, or you can use the GetPivotData function, which is … I have thought about using a nested IF statement, but with the summary there are going to be more than 7 possibilities, so an IF statement is out. Step 1: Define the variable as Boolean. Using Google products, like Google Docs, at work or school? Automatically Insert the Getpivotdata Function. I start by typing = into the cell where I want to retun the … This is so much easier and more robust than using the GetPivotData function which requires a visible PivotTable to reference. Skill Level: Intermediate Download the Excel File. Below is the example that how to use the GetPivotData function to find out total sales. The ActualPrice is calculated as =IF (A2

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